What is Sivatantra Yoga?

Sivatantra Yoga is a comprehensive and contemporary school of practice offering the elegant Trika philosophy of Kashmir Shivaism. Shaivite philosophy frames Yoga as an accessible practice for those who want to broaden their conscious experience while still remaining connected with the rest of the world.


Vinyasa based Asana practice

Connects the movement of the Pranic Vayus to the physical actions of the body. When we attune to the movement of the breath, it informs and supports the movement of the body. When breath and body yolk seamlessly the cultivation of Prana Shakti is imminent. The energy of Prana is then organized in such a way, through flowing Asana, that the energy of Consciousness becomes the experience. What results from this connection enables the mind to witness the Self as action (Spanda); Flowing from this space of awareness, the General Principles of Alignment and Sivatantra Krama serve as means to create the tangible experience of Universal Consciousness.

Trika Philosophy

Is a monistic practice in which the energetic (manifested) part of the universe is understood as a reflection, or the out pouring radiance of, Universal Consciousness. Paramasiva, the ultimate reality, is known through its highest principles of conceptual construct. Śiva (Universal Consciousness) and Śakti (Universal Energy), the latter being a reflection of the former.

It is therefore a science of realizing our steady stream of energetic sensory experiences on every level are, in fact, nothing more than the flow of Universal Consciousness and that individual consciousness is actually Universal consciousness.



Intention and Alignment

One of the quintessential aspects of Sivatantra Yoga is its focus on reflecting individual experience as Universal experience. The universe is brought to be through 5 Great Acts: Creating, Sustaining, Dissolving, Concealing and Revealing. When we set intentions for practice we create the ultimate paradigm for embodied Consciousness. Intentions combined with specific alignment allow the individual to realize these simple actions of movement are nothing more than a reflection of the 5 Great Acts through Asana. 

When the individuals Asana is approached reflecting the Universal cause, recognition happens. The single point of focused awareness through the intention furthermore accesses the movement and organization of Shakti enabling the practitioner to be a living embodiment of Ćit (consciousness), Aanada (bliss), Iccha (Will), Jnana (Knowledge) and Kriya (Action) Shakti moment to moment.