200 hour Yoga Alliance certification

 This 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification is the foundation to teaching Sivatantra Yoga. Upon successful completion students will hold international accreditation.

Trika Yoga Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism

Is a monistic practice in which the energetic (manifested) part of the universe is understood as a reflection, or the out pouring radiance of, Universal Consciousness. Paramasiva, the ultimate reality, is known through its highest principles of conceptual construct. Śiva (Universal Consciousness) and Śakti (Universal Energy), the latter being a reflection of the former.

It is therefore a science of realizing our steady stream of energetic sensory experiences on every level are, in fact, nothing more than the flow of Universal Consciousness and that individual consciousness is actually Universal consciousness.


Ayurveda strives to educate one on how to live a healthy well-balanced life in tune with nature to achieve optimal health for the body, mind and soul. The basic philosophy of Ayurveda is based on the five-element theory. From the five elements evolves the controlling forces or the Doshas (body constitutions), Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

You will learn about the Doshas, Dinacharya,Ritucharya, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Spices, 3-Seasoned Diet and how to apply all this to daily life.   

How to Teach Alignment Based Vinyasa

Sivatantra Yoga first teaches 6 General Principles of Alignment that address the embodiment of Asana, creating a sound framework to express both physical and energetic alignment. Expanding on these, Sivatantra uses specific Krama to systematically organize and work through Puryastaka (the 8 organs), creating the means (Upaya) for the individual to recognize themselves as the Universal.

When we apply our awareness in this way to Asana, Spanda (the creative pulse of consciousness) becomes the streamlined experience. This is the basis for "Vinyasa Flow".

You will learn 7 Namaskars and Kriyas designed to specifically target each Chakra and highlight necessary actions important to Sivatantra Krama. These Namaskars and Kriyas will be the foundation to building entire class sequences (Vinyasa Krama). 

Anatomy & Physiology

We examine a comprehensive breakdown of the body, its systems and how they relate to each other as well as their relation to Ayurvedic teachings. Detailed time will be spent breaking down the body's musculature and its actions to understand how the body moves through its many planes of motion. This understanding of the body will allow you as a teacher to properly modify poses and apply Vinyasa Krama for successful peak poses.

Pranayama & Meditation

Breath is the gateway to Consciousness. 

You will learn how Prana moves in the body, how Prana can be controlled and cultivated through the use of breath. This enlivens, attunes and coordinates the body; When the body is organized, our mind is organized and meditation is the experience.

And so much more.....


Ready To Do Your 200HR Training?

Whether you are looking to begin a career as a Yoga teacher or simply want to create a solid framework of understanding the philosophy and practice, this 200hr training is the place to start. 

Next scheduled training dates:

October 25-28, 2019, November 22-25, 2019, January 3-6, 2020, 

February 7-10, 2020, March 13-16, 2020

Each day, Friday-Monday, runs roughly 9am-7:30pm (including lunch break)

Winnipeg Manitoba