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We are constantly creating and teaching new workshops, we love it! 

THey are an amazing means to deepen ones personal practice and connect to the yoga in a more meaningful way.

Listed below are the current workshops being offered.



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Spanda: the vibration of Consciousness 

Spanda is, in essence, the creative vibration of Consciousness that brings the Universe into existence. This workshop includes a dynamic practice of oppositions to highlight the flow of Consciousness that is ever present. Our entire experience on the mat, as in all aspects of life, is a constant reflection of this steady state of Consciousness experienced as some type of energy. We will use this ability to access deeper levels of Consciousness through energetic actions to create Standing Poses, Inversions and Backbends. We will conclude with Pranayama and Meditation. 2.5hrs. 


Krama of Asana

Are you interested in breaking down barriers and deepening your knowledge to the most challenging postures in Yoga Asana using the methodology of Vinyasa Krama? 

This 4 part workshop series counts towards 10 Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance. The series:

  • Balancing - This workshop will cover standing and arm balancing postures, including the theory, technique and alignment of how to effectively balance. Most common postures will be reviewed with opportunity for students to request breakdown of specific poses. 
  • Inversions - This workshop will cover Handstand, Forearm Stand, Headstand and Shoulder Stand, including the theory, technique and alignment of how to successfully and consistently invert.
  • Planes of Motion - This workshop will cover forward folds, side bends, back bends and twists, including the theory, technique and alignment to facilitate deep and authentic embodiment of poses within many planes of motion. 
  • Seated -  This workshop will cover seated postures, including the theory, technique and alignment. The focus will be on creating opening in the hips and spine.

Pratyhara: directing all sense to consciousness 

As we understand that all energetic felt senses are actually the flow of Consciousness, then our whole life becomes a moving meditation. In order to do this however we often need to cultivate a strong practice of parameters for the bodymind to follow while mindfully unweaving those "bad habits" that take us from embodying the fullness of Self. In this workshops practice we will use slow mindful movements to break down the specifics of Hip opening and Forward folds to create Arm balancing postures. When we experience each moment as Consciousness, then each moment holds the opportunity to be uplifting. When we experience all moments like this, then life is the complete absorption of Self. We will conclude with Pranayama and Meditation. 2.5hrs. 


Hands on Adjusts and Assists

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Inversions 2 - Intermidiate Progressions for those consistently holding inversions

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