Spanda - Pulse of Consciousness

At the heart of non-dual Tantric Yoga, the “Oneness” of the universe begins to express itself in 2 concepts. The pure conscious energy of Síva Tattva and the pure manifesting energy of Shakti Tattva. It is this first idea that creates “Spanda”, the Divine pulsation that expands to create everything but
always resides in Self.

Unlike many dualistic forms of Yoga, where embodiment is to be transcended if favour of spirit, Spanda says embodiment is the movement of the Divine. When we think, feel or move we gain access to consciousness and awareness. As we become more conscious and aware, we are better able to structure and understand how we think, feel or move. In essence we are the Divine and can easily experience it in the day to day world if we recognize we are in a constant state of witness and action, a constant state of Spanda.

When we come to our mats it is a time to remember and celebrate this truth. Manifest is built in polarity, we can pull or push, engage or release, up/down, in/out etc. As we move on our mats, this relative perspective is what strengthens its counterpart of consciousness. As we become aware, we make adjustments to how we align the body, get stronger where we need to or extra time stretching particular tight areas, literally changing our form and function. The time spent on our mat is a bright reminder that we are a Self aware expression of Divine pulsation in every moment of our lives.

Our “Yoga” practice is no longer just something we do on our mats but instead becomes a continuous experience of universal joy.

Written by: Noah Krol, Co-founder Sivatantra Yoga

Noah Krol