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Sivatantra Yoga Teacher Training

This 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified training covers:

  • A full overview of the Tantric Yoga philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism
  • The art of teaching Vinyasa flow (methodology and technique)
  • A detailed breakdown of Asana in to physical and energetic alignments
  • A detailed overview of Ayurveda
  • An in depth study of the body’s systems, anatomy & physiology movement patterns both from a western and Ayurvedic perspective.
  • Further topics to be comprehensively covered include Pranayama, Meditation, hands on assisting techniques, Mantra, the business of Yoga, how to effectively sequence, Kleshas, Koshas, Kundalini and much more.

Designed in 5 progressive modules, with a focus on personal growth and development, SYTT provides the necessary training and mentorship for students to become successful yoga teachers.

“Sivatantra Yoga is an elegant and unique Vinyasa flow style practice deeply interwoven with the 36 Tattva cosmology of Tantric philosophy to enable oneself to experience universal consciousness in all things.”

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